The catastrophe of “real” “proper” expertise

Here you can read free chapters of the unique book (with 36 graphs and hundreds of scientific references) which shows for the first time:-
  • - How millions of people in the US, UK, and elsewhere have had health and lives devastated by pseudo-evidence-based healthcare promoted by officially-designated experts (causing mainly NON-autistic disabilities).
  • - The system of evidence-defying untruths issuing from official experts to deceive victims and cover up this catastrophe.
  • - How the science bureaucracy’s system of “peer-reviewed” journals suppresses scientific truth and talent rather than advances it.
  • - How the fact of this medical catastrophe of pseudo-expertise has itself been kept censored by the cheap false excuses of the anonymous unaccountable so-called peer-review system.
  • - Why brain-changing air pollution has caused moral and cultural-social transformations, including the revolution of some very longstanding attitudes.
  • - Practical ways you can distinguish life-saving genuine expertise from death-threatening official charlatanism.
  • - The institutional changes needed to end the failures both of health systems and of systems of scientific publication and promotion.

    And you can learn all this and much more in this unique new book Experts Catastrophe, exhaustively documented with 36 graphs and hundreds of scientific citations.

    Read the book to see for yourself who the “real experts” aren’t!   This information can make a huge difference to your life and that of people you know!

  • “Robin P Clarke is one of those rare souls with the ability to assimilate and synthesise large amounts of information and generate new and interesting ideas” – Bernard Rimland, founder of Autism Research Institute, founder of Autism Society of America, debunker of Bettleheim’s theory, and originator of the modern bio/genetic concept of autism.
  • “Well worth publishing”* – Hans J Eysenck*, most-cited-ever scientist.
  • “Very good work, very important” – mercury expert Dr med Joachim Mutter
  • “I highly recommend this book” – Prof. Boyd Haley PhD
  • “.........................[comment embargoed till publication]”
  • (*re the paper included in Chapter 7)

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